April 1st #ShutDownChi


We’re excited to be out in the streets with thousands of Chicagoans who are fed up with racist community disinvestment by Mayor Emanuel and Gov. Rauner that is dismantling our school system and hurting poor and working-class families all over the state.

We’ll be at several events throughout the day. You can check out the full schedule of actions and see where other UUs will be via this facebook page.

There are two actions that we are particularly excited about:

  1. Our own Ashley Boyd of 2U will be one of the leaders of tomorrow’s Teach-in at Chicago State University. Come out to the CSU Rotunda and learn about the impact of austerity on black communities and the organizing to stop it. From BYP100:

“Chicago is a city that symbolizes economic inequality, political corruption and social control by police in every facet and on every street corner. However, as the corruption and inequality continues to spread all over this city the very corruption and inequality that the ordinary working and poor people of this city are use to experiencing has become more and more visible, so does the resistance to economic and social inequality and political corruption. April 1st is a kind of day that doesn’t come along often enough. Join Black Youth Project100, Chicago State University, the Chicago Teachers Union, Northeastern University, Fight for $15, Jobs with Justice, Grassroots Collaborative, Teachers for Social Justice, Village Leadership Academy, Parents for Teachers, Kenwood-Oakland Community Organization, BLM Chicago, Bridging While Black, Black on Both Sides, Love and Protect and Project NIA for a day of action to let Bruce Rauner and Rahm Emanuel know that closing schools whether they are public grade schools or public universities is unacceptable and the racist and classist attacks on our teachers and students will stop.


Learn more about the action on the event page.

2. The Close Youth Prisons Solidarity Action. Join Project Nia and many more organizations demanding an end to youth incarceration. Let’s #FundBlackFutures not incarceration. We want #SchoolsNotJails, #EducationNOTIncarceration #NoYouthInPrison

See you tomorrow!

#ShutDownChi  #FightForFunding


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