UU Solidarity Statement with the #RememberRekia Campaign

An Open Letter to the Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Police Board President Lori Lightfoot, and Governor Bruce Rauner: Statement of Solidarity with the #RememberRekia Campaign with the Demands #DontPayDante and #SaveCSU

As Unitarian Universalists, we are a multiracial faith community that celebrates many theologies with a diverse way of interacting with the divine. We are called at this critical moment in Chicago to put our principles into practice.

We, the undersigned Unitarian Universalists of the Chicagoland area and UU bodies of governance, rise in solidarity with Black organizers of the #RememberRekia campaign. We are appalled that not only has our city continued to employ the police officer who murdered 22-year-old Rekia Boyd despite having admitted to the killing. We are, also, equally troubled by the lack of funding to Chicago State University, a predominately Black university with a 71% female student population. It is clear to us that the institutionalization of anti-Blackness disproportionately harms Black women.

As people who have committed ourselves to value the inherent worth and dignity of all people; to promote justice, equity, and compassion in human relations; and to affirm the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process in society at large, we believe we must divest from institutional practices that perpetuate anti-Black racist violence, such as police brutality, mass incarceration, and racial profiling, and instead invest in mental health care, education, and restorative justice programs.

We have a theology that supports the individual and the collective. Allowing the state to have more power than the people violates our values and sense of community. We abhor systemic racist violence by the police and our educational systems, and our faith calls us to action.

We proclaim that Black lives matter everywhere. Black communities deserve more than the right to survive, they deserve the right to thrive. In its current state, Chicago does not provide an environment where Black lives are valued and where Black futures are deemed worthy of investment.

We join in the #RememberRekia campaign and demand that you #DontPayDante and #SaveCSU.


Organizational Signatories

Chicago Chalice Connection

UU Action Network of Illinois

UU Prison Ministry of Illinois


Individual Signatories by Congregation

Beverly Unitarian Church

Rev. Karen Mooney, Minister

Francoise Johnson


Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist

Yvette Johnson

Kristen Wunder


DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church

Rev. Tom Capo, Minister

Nathan Mooney


First Unitarian Church of Chicago

Rev. Teresa Schwartz Co-Minister

Rev. David Schwartz, Co-Minister

Arianna Lambie, President

Mary Clare Bietila

Amos Biggers

Richard Blough

Marjorie Boyler

Pfeifer Browne

Marie Cobbs

Ma Kristina DeGuzman

Andrea Freerksen

Evan Freund

Alexandra Hay

Gabriella Hay

Mel Hay

Sofia Hay

Jean Hester

Betty V. Holcomb

Ms. Kennie James

Denis R Koehn

Ivan Lappin

Ellen LaRue

Hannah Lee

Lynnette Li

Mac MacDevitt

Lisa Martin-Eatinger

Joe Maurer

Lauren Meltzer

Eileen Meyer

Joanne Michalski

Amber Mooney

Anita Orlikoff

Lucinda Pardo

Richard C. Pardo

Joan Pederson

Nadia Pierrehumbert

Jim Proctor

Eric Rencler

Jeanette Rudder

Bette H. Sikes

Terri Smith

Richard Snow

Rosemary Snow

Joan Staples

Irene K Vitullo

Wendy Van Keulen

Konrad Weeda

Chad White

Grace Williams


Peoples Church of Chicago

Rev. Jean Siegfried Darling, Minister


Second Unitarian Church of Chicago

Rev. Adam Robersmith, Minister

Jill Althage

Lauren Barnes

Ashley Boyd

Atena Danner

Jenny Dunmore

Karen Fort

Linda Groetzinger

Barbara Hyde

Rev. Darrick Jackson, Meadville Lombard Theological School

Kellie C. Kelly

Jeanne Mayer

Aidan McCormack

Megan Selby

Nikki Smith

Chris White


Third Unitarian Church of Chicago

Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom, Minister

Gabriel Gabez

Lily Massan

Roger Masson


Unitarian Universalist Church of Hobart

Connie Karras


Unity Temple

Rev. Alan Taylor, Minister

Paul Freerksen

Heather Godbout

Merritt Kanan

Amanda Thomas


UUs at Large

Rebecca Nelson, Chicago

Kevin Pujanauski, Chicago

David Reid, Chicago

Kenyatta Rosemond-Brand, Evanston


See more information on the campaign at: https://rememberrekia.wordpress.com/

2015 Action of Immediate Witness – Support the Black Lives Matter Movement



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